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Marco Momeni and his team know what they do. I always go to Marco for any of my real estate investments and every time I come back with a better experience and more return on my investments. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of Marco Momeni and his team.

A. Vincent. North York. Networking System

negotiations/due diligence

It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Mr.Marco Momeni in the listing and sale of our home. While we have bought and sold a number of houses, we have never before encountered such a level of excellence. We would like to thank you for the great job you did in selling our Cando in the North York . You worked tirelessly for us and did more than any Real Estate Agent has ever done in providing assistance on the sale of a house The experience at each phase of the sales effort was superior, such as innovative efforts in developing prospects, useful insights on pre-listing renovations/staging, effective showings and proactive facilitation during the sale negotiations/due diligence. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, humility, integrity and grace. Thus, we highly recommend Mr. Marco Momeny for residential real estate needs.

Ahmad and Maryam Baki, North York. Registered Nurse

More concern about the job than myself

Marco helped me in 3 real estate transactions in recent years . In one sentence " Most the time I was feeling he was more concern about the job than myself! " I strongly recommend him . you will feel safe and happy

Ali Nikmanesh. Small business Owner

Knowledge and experience

I found Marco very friendly and helpful. We brainstomed often on Real Estate Market and I always got new insight from his knowledge and experience.

Irfann ahmed Broker of Real Estate

Exceptional customer care

Marco is an honest and hardworking real estate agent which specialized in Residential Real Estate and also exceptional customer care and service.

Kaveh Nami. Thornhill, Custom Homes Development

We definitely recommend him

Marco is a professional who knows the market and understands the client requirements very well. I hired Marco for selling our previous house and also for buying a new house 4 years ago. He managed to sell our house in less than a week with a good price and also buy a desirable house lower than the market value. We are very happy with the business that we have done with Marco and definitely recommend him to every one who desperately is looking for a house

Reza Mir,Richmond Hill. Senior Software Engineer

I would like to thank you for your professionalism and understanding in the sale of my apartment and helping me out in buying an amazing house! It's a pleasure to write this letter to thank you for all your hard work in the whole process of selling and buying properties. Thanks, in your case, certainly is not enough! I hope this letter explains my belief that you are an exemplary Realtor. Once I decided to sell my apartment I was worried about the whole process of selling and buying and managing all that. When I talked to you over the phone for the first time, you assured me about everything and how you manage the whole process. I am so glad I worked with you and how you helped to sell my apartment in the best price and buy a perfect house. Your excellent service, frequent communication, professionalism and dependability, made the sale process so much easier for me. I knew instantly that I had selected the right Realtor.


I was so pleased that every phone call to answer my questions or calm my concerns was returned so quickly! Your attention to detail as well as your knowledge of the current market assisted me in understanding what people in this area are looking for in a home. It is no exaggeration that closing an estate and selling a building is a stressful endeavor both emotionally and fiscally. You provided that support and confidence I needed to know things would work out. Through it all you were a Realtor who was clearly a partner and a friend. You went above and beyond. For all of these reasons this is why I can unconditionally recommend you to my friends and acquaintances or anyone that is interested in buying or selling a home. It is without hesitation I would seek you out with any future real estate needs.

Rozita (continued 2)

You took all my tension and stress about away and I am impressed how you handled everything! Your patience to find a good house for months and not pushing me to buy houses which were not suitable for me. I will never forget your sentence when I was forcing to put an offer for a house which was not good only because I was tired: “Rozita I won’t buy this house for you as it is not good and I only buy good houses for my clients, there are a lot of houses in the city why buy a bad one? Be patient I will find a good one!”. Unlike many of your contemporaries, you took all my stress away in every single step selling, buying, paperwork, mortgage, renovation,… Thanks a lot for sending your team to the area I wanted, to knock the doors and finally find a nice house in that area with good price. Thanks a lot to you and to your team!

Rozita (continued)

Knowledge of the market

Marco has been our Realtor for over 6 years. His knowledge of the market and integrity is admirable. He is a trusted advisor that is always looking out for his clients and their assets.

Shab Masoumi, Downtown Toronto

Positive attitude and friendly approach

Marco has helped me with house hunting back in 2005 and later with other residential deals. Marco is a polite, caring and knowledgeable salesperson. He puts his customer satisfaction first and makes sure that he is working around his client needs. He is an expert in residential sales, especially in the GTA. He can work with a wide range of buyers who may have different backgrounds. His positive attitude and friendly approach makes it easy for buyers to quickly trust Marco and wait for the best deal. It was a pleasure for me to have Marco as my salesperson (and consultant) and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a good residential deal in the GTA

Shahrokh Ilkhaani. (currently in Milan/ Italy ) Oil andEnergy

Honest and knowledgeable team

After getting married in 2008 we decided to purchase our first home with marco. he did a great job helping us find our dream home. marco himself and his team members are very honest and knowledgeable people. they negotiated on a great price on our home and also helped us to find a great mortgage broker. you guys are the best!

Tara Patterson. Registered Nurse.

Negotiation skills

we would like to express our appreciation to you for helping us sell our house. Your negotiation skills and performance really made the whole process easy for our family. We will always remmeber you and our amazing experience with you and your team.

Tom and Jenny. Downtown Toronto. Toronto School Board.

Intelligent, fair and has high integrity

As a fellow real estate sales representative I found Marco a wonderful colleague to work with at the negotiation table. He is personable, intelligent, fair and has high integrity in his dealings with both the client he is representing and the sales representative sitting on the other side of the table.

Valerie Chrysdale Sales Representative at Sage Real Estate Ltd.

Professionalism and knowledge of the market

We have used Marco now for several of our real estate transactions, and he has always impressed us. Marco has always made us a great return on our property investments. Due to Marco's prompt and reliable service, professionalism and knowledge of the market, all of our real estate inquiries and needs were met with exceptional service

Victoria & Viktor Sarudi
Marco Momeni
Marco Momeni
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